Taurus Season

May is here. Which means I'm closely stepping into a new chapter in life. 27 is coming to a close and chapter 28, I can already tell you starts with me running after a 10month old crawling everywhere while trying to eat up whatever is on the floor. I get excited with the thoughts of seeing her trying to walk. I know by the end of this month she'll be running away from all these diaper changes.

One of the things I've learned over this past year is to stop allowing your bad habits to get in the way of your greatness. A few of my bad habits that I'm learning to improve on are my spending habits. Even though I do well in bringing home the bag as soon as I get it, the quicker it spends. Also time utilization. I've grown to realize that time is indeed precious.

So enjoy the time of peace when all is well within the home. When all the Bill's are paid and you're due for a raise or some blessing any day now. Yet endure through the times where you're pinching pennies and you whip up the best bowl of beef ramen the world has ever seen for nights on end. I'm looking forward to finally committing to my dreams and working endlessly along side my Queen to make this thing work. My goal for the month is consistency. I want to create better habits in my life and actually stick to them with conviction.


What are your monthly goals? What are you struggling to commit to? Drop a response below and let's continue this talk. We love you Royalself fam! Let's continue to grow together 👑. 

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