Self Reflection

Self Reflection

I got tired. Tired of feeling like my life was controlled by the emotions and habits of others around me. Tired of feeling like every like and share from my peers defined my value on a social status. I wanted more. More for my life. More for my legacy. I refuse to live another day with my head down hoping that someone would see my self worth when all I had to do was believe in it. I chose to push myself to become something more. Doing the things I didn't want to do such as wake up early, workout twice a day, and even eat breakfast. I never eat breakfast. Now a new man with a new focus I'm determined to live my life with passion and purpose. For me and only for me. For my future. I am a king. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Only myself. I'm blessed in so many ways to have the opportunity to pave a way for myself. I won't let this chance pass me by. It's mine for the taking. I am amazing. I am great. I can do all things especially with God on my side. You can too. Just believe. If you don't now.....then know that you will. Soon as you get tired of it too. Spend more time with learning who you are. Learning what you don't like and pushing yourself to do them for a new experience. Or try some new things you've always wanted to try. Mine was yoga, making a podcast, and starting this online business with the one I love. You only have one life. So go all out and just try to be more than what you are. Start today! Focus on your own inner thoughts, not the thoughts of others and win. You are great. You are amazing. You can do it.


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I love it. So proud of you!


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