Scary Changes

At times we come across moments in our lives where things dramatically change in some ways good and others bad. In many cases the bad may turn to good and the good may turn to bad all depending on the situation that has befallen us. When these times arrive I find it best to face them with the up most optimism and faith knowing that I will be alright.

I reflect on all the things that I've been blessed with and I'm grateful for. Those thoughts keep me grounded and secured so that I won't be wavered by the rivers of doubt and regrets. I face each day with that optimism giving my all to adapt to anything that may be thrown my way. I write this to tell you that no matter what you're going through or what has happened to you, things could always be worse. So reflect on the moments that made you smile. Reflect on the times you were at peace no matter how small the timeframe. Hold on to that reflection and push through. The change might be difficult but it will make you stronger. Remember that this life is not about remaining the same. It's about growing and getting better. Grow and get better. To the point where these changes won't be as scary anymore.



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