Our Little Crawler

As you begin to crawl I sit back and reflect on the fact that we just brought you home 8 months ago. You were so helpless and could barely open your eyes. Now you're grabbing everything, trying to eat everything, laughing, playing and it's truly amazing. To witness this beautiful life growing right in front of you. Whatever the case may be, my heart goes out to all the fathers who were robbed of the opportunity to be a dad. Watching this little girl grow has been one of the best experiences of my life and to now see her crawl across the floor, trying her best to get to the baby shark video playing on my phone, is truly mind blowing. I remember talking with your mom about this day. Wondering who you would grow to look or act like. Now to see you the way that you are now....makes me proud baby girl. I'm proud to be your daddy. I really am. You've touched so many lives already and don't even realize it yet. I'll continue to do everything in my power to keep you safe and happy. I know the crawls will turn to walks. The walks will turn to runs. Those runs will turn to drives and with each milestone I pray that God keeps me right by your side to push you through them. I love you my Princess. Keep growing beautiful.

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