Self love 👑❤

You're not alone. I've also looked in the mirror and saw so many things that I didn't like about myself. So many things that I wish I could change but couldn't. I was afraid for so long that other people could see them too. I would go to school with my head down trying to figure out how I could blend in so I wouldn't stand out and be picked on. What would I say if someone saw what I see everyday in that mirror? Was I good enough? Am I ugly? Who really likes me? Who can see me for me and still be ok with these flaws? All these insecurities...and I'm the cause of it all. Soon I asked myself why am I doing this to myself? Why am I making myself feel this way?. I went back to that mirror...and screamed at my soul saying I AM GOOD ENOUGH! I AM LOVED! I AM GOOD LOOKING! I AM TALENTED! I AM ME AND I LOVE MYSELF! Over and over i would tell myself these things so I wouldn't have to depend on anyone else to tell them to me. I had to build that self-confidence. I had to learn how to love me first by accepting myself, accepting my existence, and changing my habits. You can't love yourself and eat nothing but poison. You can't love yourself and give up on your dreams. You can't love yourself and be lazy. So love yourself enough to be the best you, you can possibly be. You are amazing. You are good enough. You are beautiful. Love yourself.

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