Today is the day! The Princess is officially one and we couldn't thank God enough for blessing us to see this day! Blessing us to have this child and to keep her alive for a full year 🙏🏾😩. A year ago I proposed to your mom. A year ago we were up late at 2am encouraging her to push and push until you emerged. They wrapped you up, I cut the cord, and followed you into the next room as they got you ready for the nicu. I remember how they talked about you being a premi, that you had 5 more weeks until you were fully developed but I knew what time it was.

I was excited thinking about how much better I was going to be because of you. How no matter what I had to do I was going to make sure you were straight. From switching job to job, hustling trying to create something that you and God would be proud of. This moment is to reflect on how much you've grown and how that growth has made our families stronger.

How your laugh is so genuine because you don't laugh at just anything. How you're so inquisitive about what things are or what they taste like lol You have been such a light to daddy's life and I will forever be in your corne


Thank you to all those who have contributed to her life this year. Rather it was decorating events to dropping off diapers or clothes. Thank you for making this journey with her such a blessing. To my queen, the woman of my dreams. We did it! One year of scary moments, sleepless nights, fighting colds, teething, and improvising down. Here's to many more years to come.

We made sure to capture all
the pictures and videos possible to showcase her growth over the year .

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Happy Born day memaw Baby😘😘👑👑


Happy Birthday Happy Birthday too you love my baby

Judy Cummings

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