Today is the day!! Our princess turns the big One! 

Time has flown by and I am so happy and grateful to be your mother. You are strong, intelligent, brave and I know that you will do great things one. There's so much I can say about out journey this past year but I'll make it quick 

I remember when my water broke the day after our baby shower. I was 35 weeks.  I thought I had few a more weeks but God said otherwise. When we got there and they told me you will be coming soon I honestly wasn't scared. I prayed and was ready for whatever.

God told me everything was going to be alright. 

Fast forward to Wednesday June 20th at 2:58am you had arrived. I was so overwhelmed and honestly couldnt belive that I had gave birth!!! You was so beautiful. I couldnt wait to start the journey of breastfeeding you. Lord knows I wanted to do it so bad. Being in the hospital our faith was definitely tested but God showed up and showed out everytime.

God is good!



Breastfeeding you for a whole year!! Still seems surreal but we are doing it! Every milestone that you make we just sit in awe and record it because it's a huge blessing to watch you grow. 

You are crawling and walking all over the place now! You can't stay still anymore unless you are sleeping. Nope not even when she is breastfeeding, she is constantly on the move and I still haven't come to terms that you are officially a big girl yet. Mike says it will hit me on your birthday once you are running all over lol.  I'm so excited for your future Jayla. I know you are going to be something special and you will succeed in anything that you put your mind too. 

We love you so much princess  You will do great things in life. Mark my words! You amaze us every single day and we will never take it for granted and we will always be grateful to God! 


Again God is Good!!! 



Happy Birthday Princess Jayla we all love you very much. Many more to come 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

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