Hello August

Can you believe that it's only 5 months left of the year. 2020 is literally around the corner and I've been focusing on what I could possibly do to finish this year on the highest level possible. I've been in this place of peace along side my girls all month and sometimes I wonder had that weaken my ambition of achieving success. Could my desire to just be in awe of them bring me so much joy that it hinders me from working harder to give them the things that they need?! It's sad but I feel that it may be true. Sometimes even I struggle with doing what is hard...especially when it's leaving those you love. One day though I won't have to. One day everyday will be a vacation. We'll be able to go everywhere and motivate others along the way. Motivate them to follow their dreams and create their own lane. So I'm taking a stand to double down in August.  All month long. Work a little harder. Work a little longer. Put in the hours to make the moments even sweeter for them and with them. I'm ready to tackle things that should've been handled on a consistent basis. Royalself family let's do it together! Let's buckle down this month and accomplish those goals. Cross off the checklist daily and get things done.

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