Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly moving. Just going and going through the motions of the day. All to get paid. All to eat. All to keep going in this constant motion. I dream of freedom. Freedom to be with the ones I love whenever I choose. The freedom to go wherever and do whatever without financial worries or concern. Yet to achieve that, I am bound to this neverending cycle. Until I find a way. A way that God can only show me. I feel that I'm getting closer. I feel that it's only a matter of time. Then I remember my time is different then God's time. Still I stay optimistic. That my time is on the horizon. I must keep growing. I must keep pushing my mind to do what is hard. Being patient is hard 😫. Especially when you know that you're more than what you are right now. Life gets hard. We must remember anything that's worth anything in life isn't easy to obtain. So here's to another attempt to look around for improvement. For opportunity. Happy hunting Kings and Queens. I pray you find your freedom.

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