Listening to rnb instrumentals trying to rekindle a focus I once had. Trying to simply focus on something that makes me feel. It's been awhile since I've last made music but I promised myself that the next time will be the best time. To ensure that it will be,I plan to take things into my own hands. Build my own sanctuary and develop an environment where everyone can come in and just be artistically them. Without the pressures of negative vibes and misplaced emotions. As I try to focus on what I really want to achieve, I write this to empower you to focus on something that gives you life. Something that makes you feel complete. That's your gift. That's your calling. It might not be your only calling but let's sew this seed, water it, it and only it for a period of time. No giving up. No matter second thoughts. Let's give our all today to be all that we can be. Set your heart free today Royalself family and Focus. I love you all! Have a blessed one 👑

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