Cant Stop Wont Stop

It's been almost 2 months since the queen and I have become first time parents. In those 2 months there's been moments of extreme exhaustion, extreme frustration, and cluelessness. Through it all we've prayed together, stayed patient, and worked with each other on a whole new level. Business motives have slowed down a little but that's ok. We won't give up. We can't give up. What we're trying to achieve is bigger than us. Our dream leads to the changes for both our families and other families that we come across. Royalself is all about encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves. To be a Queen or King and nothing less than that. Carry yourself like you're somebody and know that you're somebody no matter what anyone says. It's having the mental strength to overcome any obstacle while looking like a boss. I want us all as a people to take that next step in mental wellness. To learn how to love and respect ourselves so we can love and respect others. So we're here to fight the good fight. To make a difference. To make an impact. Thank you Royal family for staying patient in our evolution. Let us continue to grow together, and shine together. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay royal.

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