Becoming Myself Again!

Becoming Myself Again!

Becoming Myself Again! 

Welcome Back! 

I know it's been a minute since my last blog and I will try to do better with it. I've been so busy with the two B's baby and business. First off Jayla is 9 months old and is officially crawling around the house. My baby is even standing up by herself for at least 10 seconds! She never gives up and she loves to look at herself in the mirror and giggles like she's having the time of her life and it's just so adorable!!!

I wanted to wait until she was 10 months to write about her and her milestones so I'll make this part about her short and sweet. Just know that my baby will most likely be walking by the time she's 11 months. Mark my words!!!


I am currently still breastfeeding exclusively and I am loving it. It has been such an amazing experience to be able to nurse her for this long. Its definitely a special kind of bond that we have and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm forever grateful to God for him blessing me to be able to do it. I have so much more respect for mothers out there. We definitely run the world. Of course now we have started giving her solids and she does have her favorites. She loves mashed potatoes,  Broccoli and her most favorite since she started at 6 months is Bananas. I gave her some Turkey the other day and I've never seen her mouth open so wide to get some food before! That just let's me know that my baby is growing up but she still rather have mommies boobie over anything and I'm completely okay with that. Whatever she wants because it's her world. I do want to continue breastfeeding while weaning her off until she gets ready because I know it's her comfort zone and she enjoys it just as much as I do so whenever she is ready I know she will let me know. It will definitely be bitter sweet and I'm cherishing these moments every single day because I know it won't last forever. 


The Business!

I'm so excited to show everyone what we have in store for our business Royalself. We have so many different ideas that we are getting prepared for the world to see. That includes our online store, our media and of course the music. This year I can say I learned alot from researching and just watching people who inspire me to be a better me and I'm honestly ready to show the world. I feel that God put me in many situations that may have failed to me to show me what to do and also to show me to never give up on my dreams and what I desire. Just make sure you guys are staying tuned and checking us out because this is just the beginning of Royalself! 



Getting back to it!

So you know ya girl is finally feeling like herself again and I can finally say that and It feels really good. I feel alot more confident in starting my workout routine again and gettin myself back on track with my health. Baby girl has been doing so well by letting mommy do her quick workouts around the house and breastfeeding has definitely played a major part in keeping my weight down so that makes me happy! Sometimes I feel like Im eating so much because of it but I try to have a healthy snack next to me to keep me on my toes. Jayla and I have also been a little under the weather recently so we havent been out for our daily walks like we normally do but trust this week both of us are back and better so we will be back at it!  

What's next? 

Look out for more of our vlogs coming in the future and definitely more hot fashion with our Summer collection. I am excited about whats to come in the future with everything and pretty soon it will be Jayla's birthday and we still have to plan for that. Omg! My baby will be one in 3 months! Time waits for nobody you hear me!!! That's another blog!! Lol but thanks again for coming back and I hope you are taking charge of this month and getting things done for yourself! Keep it going! 


How long did it take you to get back to the things you used to do before becoming a mom? 

Let's chat below! 

Thanks Royalself Family! 



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I love royal self the clothes the price the way it makes me and my partner feels when we wearing royal self I never bought anything online I was so happy and satisfied I’m bless to found royal self don’t be left out stand out with royalself

Kandee love

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