A Little Better

By God's grace, this morning at 6am I got up out that bed and decided to start my day a little earlier. Thinking to myself..." Let's be a little better today". Don't overdo it. Don't over complicate it. Let's just try to be a little better in regards of progress. Making a mental commitment to get things done. To get more done. To refresh the habits of attacking the day with immense hunger. I need more for my family. More for our future. Not speaking worldly possessions but more out of myself. Worldly possessions like a new house or car wouldn't be a bad thing either but you get my point right? Lol. I believe all those things will come over time, I just have to be committed to hitting these goals and taking these chances. On this journey to building this brand me and the wifey have truly grown. I'm loving every second of this experience and am reassured everytime I write you all that this is where I want to be. Right by her side doing all that I can to insure we shine together. So today I'll be a little better. By doing a little more

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