A Letter From Mommy

I still cant belive that I'm a mom! I always thought about having a child when I was younger but of course I didnt know when I would actually be ready to have one. If you would have asked me last year where I would be this year I wouldnt have even thought about a child but I'm so thankful to God for this princess! She is everything I've dreamed my daughter would be! Does anybody else go back to their child's pictures from when they were newborns and just reminisce?! I do that almost every day! It's still so crazy to me that a womans body Carrie's something that starts off so small and eventually becomes an adult in her stomach! God is amazing right?!?
There's nothing like a mothers love and I get it now! Now I understand why my mom loves me so much and why she would do any and everything for me. I love this little girl with all of my heart and soul! I would do any and everything to protect her,teach her what I learned and guide her to be a better person than me. I want her to go out and work her hardest to get where she wants to go. I want her to know that with hard work and dedication she can be and do whatever her heart desires. Let her know that she should never be scared to go for it. I use to be scared to perform in front of people and that held me back from alot of opportunities that were presented to me. I want her to be all that she can be. I'm so excited for our future together. My princess Jayla

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